Wisdom Within! Week 23 – Master Key

Wisdom Within - brendabrownceo-masterkey
Wisdom Within! Are you denying the call to your higher purpose to avoid responsibility? Consequently, if you are denying this call to greatness you may find you are self sabotaging. Quiet desperation, self-pity or feeling like the victim sometimes sets ... Read more »

Greatness! Week 22A – Master Key

Greatness is in all of us! There is not one person that God created that is average or common. HE, created us perfectly, to be perfect, perfectly in his image. We are nature’s greatest miracle and the sooner we accept ... Read more »

Comfort Zone! Week 22 – Master Key

Comfort Zone-brendabrownceo-masterkey
The comfort zone, what is it? It is the place where we feel the most comfortable because of previous choices we have made in the past. In some instances, it might be just because of the neuro-peptides that have been ... Read more »

Miracles! Week 21 – Master Key

The miracle of me, the miracle of you! Brought into this world, with the purpose of what to do! You look to the left; you can look to the right. Anywhere and everywhere miracles are in sight! The beauty surrounds ... Read more »

Success! Week 20 – Master Key

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you capable of becoming. John R. Wooden The pyramid of success progression includes 15 blocks Wooden success ... Read more »

Permission to Focus! Week 17 – Master Key

permission to focus-brendabrownceo-blog-masterkeyexperience
Permission to Focus! Yes, like when we use a magnifying glass! If we keep moving around, playing the game ‘SQUIRREL’. You know what I mean. You start with one task, then move onto another. Women would call that multi-tasking. But, ... Read more »

Awareness is Key! Week 15 – Master Key

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Awareness is key! What we focus on comes to the forefront, so this is very huge lesson to be learn. We need to become the mindful observers of our lives so we can build awareness in our consciousness. What we ... Read more »

Affirmations! Week 12 – Master Key

affirmation header
Affirmations to create change! Simple or complicated? Well if you would of asked me about them two months ago, my answer would of been, time consuming! Working through the Master Key Experience, amazingly, they have found simple and effective ways ... Read more »

Persistence! Week 11 – Master Key

Success through persistence
Persistence is not a genetic pre-disposition or characteristic. It’s a habit formed by continuing in a course of action, spite of difficulty or opposition. That is the focus of Scroll 3 in the Greatest Salesman this week. It is also ... Read more »

Blogging is a part of the learning!

Brenda Brown Ceo Blog for Master Key Experience
My Blog and journey starts: Blogging is a part of the learning, yikes! that was my first thought. But here I am today, putting myself out there. So be patient with me in sharing my journey, my story and my ... Read more »