Prevail Trim – Detoxify and Cleanse the Body

Prevail Trim – Formulated with natural appetite suppressants and ingredients that will detoxify and cleanse the body


Prevail trim, with natural appetite suppressants, fat burning and energy!

Alternative natural refreshing beverage that helps increase your fat burning abilities and provide you with the energy boost you need!

Valentus wanted to make it a little easier. That’s why we created Prevail Trim. Formulated with natural appetite suppressants and ingredients to help detoxify your body.

Prevail Trim is a great addition to any weight management program.

In addition, to helping to manage your weight in a healthy way.   Just wait until you taste this delicious drink!

You will LOVE it!


Insulin dietary fiber | Rice bran powder | Xylitol | Citric acid |  Stevia (leaf) |  Natural pineapple powder |  Natural orange powder |  Natural lime powder |  Natural caffeine from coffee bean |  Garcinia cambogia (with HCA) |  Raspberry ketones |  Maqui berry powder |  Annatto powder |  chromium


Simply open packet and mix contents with 12-16 oz. of water. For maximum weight management results or added energy.   Drink one Trim 3 times per day, 30- 60 min prior to meals.

Trim Ingredients and Nutrition Facts:


Garcinia Cambogia:

An incredible super fat burning supplement that’s 100% natural and is sometimes referred to as Tamarind. 

It grows primarily in the lush green mountains of India and southeast Asia as well as Central Africa.

It’s primary ingredient is the dietary super supplement known as HCA which is proven to stop hunger in its tracks.

The Tamarind fruit is commonly used in soups as before meal appetizers.  For instance,  because of the small portion sizes they often had to hand out in its native regions, this was good in 2 ways.

  1. Their appetite was lessened, so the smaller portions of the meals were more satisfactory and filling.
  2. Throughout the day it increased their fat burning abilities and provide them with the energy boost they needed.

Raspberry Ketones:

One of the 200 molecules in raspberries that give it its flavor and smell profile. (Coincidentally it’s also used to flavor candies, protein bars and shakes and many, many other man made foods).

A proven fat dissolver and mentioned in many dietary regiments.  Similarly,  the more popular diets out there always include raspberries at some point in the regiment.

In the area of health benefits well it’s not lacking there in the least!  Raspberry ketones have proven to reduce fatty buildups in and around the liver.  Fatty liver is one of the main contributors to early liver disease. 

Raspberry ketones help promote healthy liver function by causing the remaining fat cells to actually produce Adiponectin.  Adiponectin is a protein sorely lacking in most who suffer from obesity and even Type 2 Diabetes.

Maqui Berry:

This delicious and beautiful little berry is used by the natives of the Patagonia region of Chile.  It’s an ingredient primarily used to treat things from headaches, fogginess, sore throat, tumors and other illnesses.

The natives of Patagonia were all but too eager to share the secrets of this native berry and the healing effect it had on the mind.

A powerful contributor (one of THE most powerful contributors) of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) which absorbs free radicals in the body.  Helping you to live a more natural and healthy life. 

A lot of us subsequently write off  “The Norm”  the effects that are caused by the free radicals in most fast foods and processed foods.

However, this little berry combats free radicals throughout the body.  In addition, it is high in Anthocyanins which our ancestors ate in large quantities.   Anthocyanins are antioxidant flavonoids which increase the body’s ability to produce insulin and fend off Diabetes.

Above all, it keeps the bodies PH levels down which added with every other awe inspiring benefit found in these berries.  Therefore, adding Maca berries is a great addition and will aid you on your journey to weight loss.

Chromium Zynchrome:

Aids in raising metabolism which allows your body to break down the fat in foods more quickly with added energy.  It’s a new supplement on the market which is a Chromium derivative and tested on a variety of subjects with type 2, diabetes.  In addition, to nutrition support it was a main contributor in helping their sugar levels to balance out.

In conclusion, research shows that Zynchrome Chromium reduces food cravings and helps you to feel more satisfied with less food.  Above all,  it makes a great addition and is a natural wonder in the supplement family.


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