Awareness is Key! Week 15 – Master Key

Awareness is key! What we focus on comes to the forefront, so this is very huge lesson to be learn. We need to become the mindful observers of our lives so we can build awareness in our consciousness. What we look for or become aware of, we usually start to notice and then attract more of it.

Awareness and Mindset create Diamond Car Bonus

Example, you just bought a new white car, GMC Terrain. Now look around, does it not appear that everyone is driving that same vehicle?

Once you understand this principle of what ever we focus on or pay attention to expands. This is the beginning of change. Law of Attraction is the Law of Growth!

To apply the lesson of awareness we printed out a spreed-sheet variable to the original version of Benjamin Franklin. We are reading through the 13 virtues and placing them in descending order into the blanks. Then, we placed them from 1-13 starting with the quality most needed to work on for ourselves.

Only controlled weeks #2, Kindness! Week #13, see God in Others!

So awareness, one full week and track it so we can R2A2! Recognize, Relate, Assimilate and Apply. What we identify, we magnify and therefore multiply! I placed and numbered the order that pertained to my growth areas in chart below. Everyone’s order of priority virtues will be unique to them and their personal areas they are wanting to grow first – last!

Awareness with the Franklin Makeover Virtues:

Benjamin Franklin bringing about awareness through his 13 virtues

  1. Well Organized
  2. Kindness
  3. Decisiveness
  4. Persistence
  5. Self-control
  6. Specialized Knowledge
  7. Courage
  8. Taking Initiative
  9. Imagination
  10. Discipline
  11. Enthusiasm
  12. Pleasing Personality
  13. See God in Others

Awareness, is it fear or excitement?

So I learned that fear and excitement can cause the same reactions in our brain!! Yes, I know! that statement also confused me, but once explained it really did make sense. The same exact chemicals are released into the brain in both of those conditions.

The feeling we get in the gut, or solar plexus can mimic the same reaction in the brain. What matters is what feeling we attach to the instance or moment because we have the CHOICE! And, that decision has consequences! Awareness is key!

We are the choices that we make and it determines the future you!

So let’s make sure we have awareness and get educated properly!

Educo (Education):

Translated into English the Latin verb Educo means “to educate, draw out or develop from within.” So in agreement with Napoleon Hill, an educated person is one who develops the faculties of their mind to acquire whatever they set their mind to achieve. Being educated is not just the accumulation of knowledge that deems one an educated person, it is how one uses it that determines how educated one is! One needs to be aware of this option.

• Education is a derivative of educo?

Sadly, most people believe this loose definition.

• We look deeper, for the real meaning!

“Education derives from the verb educo, which means ‘to draw forth from within.’ The original teaching method of Socrates of drawing from within………

Therefore, we have been made aware that it has been largely displaced by professorial deference to received scholarly authority, unfortunately.

“Students are taught how to take exams

but not how to think, write or find their own path.”

Let’s walk into our light:

We are all powerful beyond measure, now is the time, right now, you have the knowledge and you have paid the price, now all that is necessary to accessing personal power is the awareness and accepting the passage is true for you!

Now, right now!

Let the miracle of your birth extend into the light of the world!

Awareness and letting your light shine

Light up the world you are living in! Now! Merge into the dynamic light within and let it shine! You were never made to be a copy of a copy!

They will need shades to be in the same room as you now! The new you, they will not recognize your old self because you have blossomed, become aware and forged into your future self!

Your gorgeous lovely spirit will now be on display for all to see!

You are natures’s greatest miracle!

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Brenda Brown

Brenda Brown is an entrepreneur and owner of a couple of businesses. She is helping others Achieve Their Goals and Follow their dreams. Let me help you get to your goals, come join me and together we can create an everyday lifestyle that radiates wellness and freedom to make lifestyle choices we so choose or desire!! Imagine true financial freedom where your choices now reflect what it is you want to do in life, not what you can afford!! Small things don't mean a lot, they mean everything!!

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  4. “Education derives from the verb educo, which means ‘to draw forth from within.’ The original teaching method of Socrates of drawing from within………
    Isn’t this so true! Thanks for drawing this out! It all comes from within! Shine your lovely light Brenda!

  5. Hey Brenda, it is fabulous how you can link so many ideas into this post. I really resonate with the awareness concept a lot. I believe that happiness is only awareness away, we only have to open up our eyes an see that it is literally all around us.

    I enjoyed your entry very much, thanks for sharing.


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