Me, Myself and I, Accountability! Week 12 – #MKE

Me, Myself and I, Accountability! What does it mean to have it?  Webster’s Dictionary defines “accountability” as “the quality or state of being accountable”.  An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actins.  Accountability doesn’t mean punishment. How do ... Read more »

True Blue Personality! Week 8 – #MKE

True Blue Personality
True blue personality!  If you only knew what that exactly means?  Learning so much about myself through this Master Key Experience.  I actually think I am now addicted to learning more and more about me. Gaining insight about others and ... Read more »

Colorful Way to Learn! Week 4 – #MKE

Colorful way to learn is using Index cards and crayons for training new and good habits.
Colorful way to learn.  I am so glad that we learning this playful, childish but effective way to start linking habits.  Connecting and linking yet another way to train and develop new ways of learning for subby.  Wow, at first ... Read more »

Self Confidence Formula! Week 3 – #MKE

Self Confidence Formula or Blue Print Builder is part of developing our self worth.  Trusting your own judgement, feeling worthy regardless of the situations that you face or what others may think about you.  Having such a sense of value ... Read more »

Leadership Development Within Companies

In the past, companies maintain their office machines better than their employees. Today, however, the most forward-looking corporations are all into leadership development. This shift in perspective on people had actually been triggered by the long-term shift itself of the ... Read more »

Leadership Development: Why Do It?

The problem with leadership development programs nowadays is the expense for bringing in outside consultants or initiating the program. This can be back-breaking for a small company or mid-level size business. The question that you’re asking is whether it’s worth ... Read more »

The Importance Of Leadership Development

More and more companies these days are seeking for help from various firms that offer leadership development. This is because they believe that the trainings that they give would be beneficial not only to their individual employees but for the ... Read more »

Inspiring People Through Leadership Development

Leadership development is a process wherein the leadership skills of a person are enhanced through a set of activities. Today, more and more companies make it a point that their employees undergo through leadership development to ensure that they will ... Read more »

Leadership Development: Making Sure It Works

Most companies nowadays have a leadership development program in place. This is because it’s been a proven way to get an internal pool of talent for running a company. This is a lot cheaper than going outside of the company ... Read more »

Leadership Development And Personal Competencies

Today, there seems to be a clear movement in viewing leadership and leadership development not only in terms of leader attributes, skills and traits. Lately, competencies (or requirements) seem to be the center of focus. In other organizations, leadership competencies ... Read more »

Learning To Lead: Leadership Development And You

When you suddenly get the job of heading an organization, it can be pretty overwhelming. The responsibilities inherent in managing people can get to you. This stress is not limited to being the head honcho of an organization. Mid-level managers ... Read more »

Making Leadership Development Easy

Attending leadership development is a must to almost all employees of most companies and organizations these days. This is because the set of activities during this event are believed to contribute in the betterment of its leaders and of the ... Read more »