Harmony! Week 24 – Master Key

Harmony is in all things if you look through the eyes of love. Everything and everyone is one of the finest examples of this as far as I can see. It amazes me every day and every second. In that moment that you truly pay attention. All the marvels that the universe has put in front of us , and all around us.

Nature in Harmony

How is it that the breath comes? How is it that the trees grow. They grow leaves, they turn green. Later to only fall off, then come right back again. That is harmony in nature. The grass just grows, the day becomes night. The flower bloom, then not. Miracles all happening in harmony with each other.

Mindful Observer:

Why is it that this marvelous world has functioned in such harmony and unity and yet we have to admire it for all its glory. Today as I went for my walk because I was being the mindful observer, I noticed that even the snow flakes were sparkling and dancing. They each had their own place as they glistened with their uniqueness of one not like the other.

I looked up, saw the naked trees. But, still to heard the chirping birds in harmony with one another telling their morning story. I closed my eyes, to feel the gentle but chilled breeze. A tear fell from my eyes in appreciation of all of this glory. Appreciating in that moment the beauty all around me.

the tree and me

I opened my eyes, continued my walk paying even more attention. Now I can hear the calm blowing wind as it howls beside me. I feel the energy of the universe all around me. Harmony at its finest I am having a moment of deep appreciation. I bless myself, the tree right beside me. I thank the day and the moment for showing me all it’s glory.

Once we stop trying to control the direction of the life we feel is our own. That is when our true life journey will start and begin. Letting go to be a part of the universal story. Harmony happens when we live in the moment and go with the flow. Instead of living like we already know.

closed eyes to see

Closed Eyes that See Harmony in me:

I close my eyes and be present in this moment. Realizing that as my lungs fill with air, my ears hear, that my heart is beating with such excitement!

close your eyes so that you can see

“I close my eyes, so that I may now see.”

Beginning each day outside in nature appreciating all of it’s beauty!

Harmony: (a poem I wrote)

“Harmony Lives in You and in Me!”

Accepting and loving things just as they are.

Our creator is watching, he never is far.

Every detail fine tuned, to be the ultimate best.

Living on this earth, it’s life not a test.


I thank God every morning for harmony and my life.

That my purpose on earth will help others out of their strife.

I feel all of the chaos that you all feel now.

That is why I am writing this some way and some how.


I just close my eyes, connect to the source.

He is always there with me I know this of course.

I listen to the words, type them right down.

I focus on that and not any other sound.


There is more knowing in side of me, I do not doubt.

When I remember to connect there’s no knowledge without.

It’s scary but calming just in the same.

But then I remember I did not invent this game.


The rules are made by all the truthful laws.

Why do we sometimes waiver, stop or pause?

Because of our free will he gave us.

The choice is still ours, stop making such a fuss.


Trust in the path, he so graciously paved.

Believe in the knowing and just behave.

There is all already a glorious story to be had.

Just trust and follow the journey, you will not be sad.


The road will have curves and rocks in the path.

No promises that this would be easy or that you may not crash.

Get up my child, and know that you always are.

Being cared for always, from near and afar.

Harmony is a place where we all can be.

Living in love, gratitude and unity!

“Harmony Lives in You and in Me!”

Brenda Brown, BrendaBrown.Ceo

meditating in harmony with the universe

“I love my life and this journey!”

Brenda Brown

Brenda Brown is an entrepreneur and owner of a couple of businesses. She is helping others Achieve Their Goals and Follow their dreams. Let me help you get to your goals, come join me and together we can create an everyday lifestyle that radiates wellness and freedom to make lifestyle choices we so choose or desire!! Imagine true financial freedom where your choices now reflect what it is you want to do in life, not what you can afford!! Small things don't mean a lot, they mean everything!!

6 thoughts on “Harmony! Week 24 – Master Key

  1. I loved being with you on your walk, Brenda…and your describing it as BEING IN HARMONY as you went with the flow. Resistance would have been a really REALLY sour note in the middle of all that beauty. I’ll carry that thought now on my own walks…THANK YOU!

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