Happiness is a choice! Week 18 – Master Key

Happiness is a choice! Yes, believe it or not we always have been given the power of choice. We get to decide. The final decision has always been ours. Once you realize that all situations have come about or come to fruition through the choices you made. You will have acquired the internal power and knowledge known to many whom have succeeded. The key to happiness!

key to happiness

By choosing happiness, your whole day and life will now unfold through rose glasses for instance. Two individuals on a very hot day, both whom are very thirsty. They are walking about to find some way to quench their thirst. The rose glass person, whom sees or looks for the good in all circumstances notices the juice inside of a cracked coconut. He goes up to the coconut, is appreciative of the coconut and its juices, drinks up, and is now feeling happy and is no longer thirsty.

Whilst, the other fella, still rummaging about the area, still looking for a bottled water. Therefore, he remained thirsty and parched unlike the other fella with gratitude and happiness in his heart. Not open to other possibilities or options, glass half empty syndrome and therefore does not come across anything that will quench his thirst. He became angrier, even though there were many options available to him. He became so focused on attaining just that one beverage, an un-opened, full bottle of water!

It’s the LAW:

So, if we bring into light the Law of Substitution and the Law of Growth. Pay attention to that we want more of, Happiness and Harmony. Then, bring more enthusiasm and feeling to all situations. In a nut shell, more good will come to us by the Law of Attraction.

How easy is that? Why are more individuals aware of this? How is it more of the world is not utilizing these universal laws? Do they now know possibly! I find this so sad and wish more individuals enlightenment with these truths.

Happiness is inside all of us

My subconscious mind will govern my conscious mind, so why would I not utilize the power of the Law of Subconscious. As soon as the subconscious accepts and idea, like happiness, it becomes a demand and it works on it constantly, 24-7, to manifest demand – accessing a reservoir of infinite resources. How powerful is that!

So, if I learn to relax, the Law of Relation: where mental effort defeats itself – exactly the opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind, is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to the INFINITE Intelligence. Happiness can now easily flow into my life.

Practice Happiness:

Practice? how does one practice happiness. Similarly, like all things we want to improve in our lives. First, we need to mindful. Aware of our thoughts. We have the choice of what we pay attention to. We can only think about one thing at a time, says the Law of Substitution. Therefore, when a negative thought enters, we need to consciously put our attention or focus to something positive. Think about God, a fond memory or pleasant thought.

Move from your head to your heart thinking to be happier

Move from your head to your heart for true happiness. Then, it is very important if we want to continue growing in the right direction. Think about the area we want to attract more of, in addition. To make the changes, we now need to apply R2A2. Above all, being able to Recognize, Relate, Assimilate and Apply is the beginning of change. Awareness allows us to further journey into our happiness found only with in ourselves.

HOW, do we do this:

How do we become successful? It is doing what winners do! They do the actions that are required for change. Not always the steps that they want to take, but know they need to in order to manifest their DMP or HAPPINESS. They utilize these three areas of HOW:

  • H – HONESTY: they are are honest not arrogant knowing that the dishonest person can’t ever make the sale.
  • O – OPEN MINDEDNESS: They are open to new ideas and doing things a different way. Knowing for instance, that choosing not to do the exercises or drills as instructed if proof of closed mindedness.
  • W – WILLINGNESS: Willing and open to discover it all. Willing to ask the tough questions and do something about it. Instead of an unwilling know it all.

The question is HOW?

  • How do I get better?
  • How can I learn and comprehend more?
  • How do I improve my job performance
  • How can I be happy?
  • Where does happiness come from?

If happiness is often on the other side of success, how do we get there?

That is the biggest question yet?

Moving goal post:

We become successful, we are temporarily happy. But, now we want to become more successful. Once again, we are no longer happy! It’s a vicious cycle, the happiness game we call life!

moving goal post

What is moving goal posts?

It is exactly the statement as mentioned above. We are always continually striving for success. After that, the next level promotion, the gold medal or the highest rank for a position or achievement of sort. We are paying attention to the worldly values which we think once we attain them, then there will be HAPPINESS.

In reality, this could not be further than the truth! What? “You don’t say” was what you would of heard me say 3 or 4 months ago. But, today after learning many facts and truths and many layers of cement removed, or false dreams you could call it. I have discovered that TRUE HAPPINESS, comes from WITHIN not from worldly possessions!

Happiness Train:

The journey of getting to this place! I call it the happiness train. There were many ventures. Loads of tiny small habits changed. In addition to the fun and playful activities added to our daily routine. After that, some movement and exercising involving the mind gym with pleasant sits or meditation.

We played with cards, index cards that is. In addition, we wrote on them, drew shapes and then did some coloring! Affirmations and motivational words of kindness and gratitude were recorded and read. Shuffling them daily, let’s move them around! Reading aloud sometimes with enthusiasm and feeling! What fun it is choosing to be on this happiness train.

I am now realizing truly, that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE!

I am the creator of my world, my journey through the thoughts I choose. Through the actions I decide to do or not do! Amazingly enough, everything is available and already there inside of all of us. If we ask and believe, so that we may receive! Therefore, we need only decide what part we want to act on and bring to or bring into our life.

Make HAPPINESS a part of your reality by manifesting your wishes by attaching feeling and enthusiasm. If what you desire comes from your heart and true intention, serves others and you are willing to take action so that it may come true. In conclusion, I have it on good authority that by the Laws already written, it shall come to be!

If you want to attract happy, positive things, become happy!

Many blessings to all of you!

Brenda Brown

Brenda Brown is an entrepreneur and owner of a couple of businesses. She is helping others Achieve Their Goals and Follow their dreams. Let me help you get to your goals, come join me and together we can create an everyday lifestyle that radiates wellness and freedom to make lifestyle choices we so choose or desire!! Imagine true financial freedom where your choices now reflect what it is you want to do in life, not what you can afford!! Small things don't mean a lot, they mean everything!!

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