Press Release

Press Release of Mrs. Brenda Brown, Oct 15th, 2022. Interviewed by Marshal Sylver, article written as Tiffany Toombs heard the story revealed.

Hi, I am Marshal Sylver, interviewing the wonderful transformation and journey of this wonderful young lady. We are here at Prosperity Palace, my home in Los Angeles, in my back yard. The press wanted me to find out more about how you feel your life came to fruition.

The experience following your partnership with Level 10 Mastermind. And, integration of utilizing the Master Key Experience into your life. Do all of these pieces fit together, it appears like they have been a positive influence.

By the way, happy anniversary also! I am so happy for you and your husband, Warren. I believe it is 34 years of being married today and you have been blessed to have 3 healthy sons. They all are doing very well for themselves, which is great news also.

But, you chose to come to Las Vegas to share and celebrate with some friends, Dan and Sue Vogt your wonderful success of persistence and hard work. You are taking in a car event of some sort? That is a hobby that your husband is a big part of from my understanding. The press mentioned you both already own two 68 Camaros. The red one that you have had from the beginning of your relationship. The other, was a re-purchase of your very first white Camaro that you first met in! That is amazing!

Looking at your lifestyle and where you are now, seems like you have done well for yourself and your family. What steps did you take in your life to bring you to where you are today? Do you mind sharing that with us what steps you took in order or accomplish all that you have? asked Marshal Sylver.

Brenda then replied, well, I think what the press is wanting to know is how I got here so that others may do the same? I have to say it was definitely a journey, but more so of the soul. I was searching for answers and ways to be able to be in my car or many situations and not have an anxiety attack.

For those of you that don’t know me, and even those that do. Many did not realize I had this issue. I just avoided going out, excluding myself at events etc. I always would have an excuse or story to cover me for not being involved. It was sad, but it was my reality and getting worse as the years went on.

My uncontrolled though process would take me to a place that so interrupted my tummy. All I could think and feel from the moment I entered the object or place that had no restroom. Was, OMG, I think I really need to use bathroom, like RIGHT NOW.

My husband would always say, is it really your tummy? or do you think it is all in your mind? at the time, I really felt those were hurtful words, but I do know he was just trying to help. Because I had one incident where I did not make it to the washroom in time, my subconscious would not or could not let go. Every time from that day on, that is all that I could think or worry about.

Luckily, I was blessed when I was at one of my Valentus conventions. Our wonderful CEO, Dave Jordan always brings creditable speakers to motivate and share knowledgeable information for all of his worldwide distributors. Many of the speakers had a lot of talent, but not until you took the stage Marshall. That is when my life was changed.

Something spoke to me from the moment you started to speak. Your voice, the tone, the comfort and genuine way you shared your journey. There was a trust factor and my soul came to the conclusion that I could trust you. I knew that what ever you were offering or going to do next, that I wanted to be a part of it.

Voila, that moment you wanted someone to come up stage to experience their life changing moment. I remember sitting down and making sure that I connected with the universe to let it know that if there was going to be another opportunity that you offered , that I needed and wanted to be the one!

Thanking my lucky stars that day, you saw me amongst the many and choose me to come up stage. I don’t know exactly how, or why that day Marshall. All I know is that you unlocked a big part of my fear that day once you got me to put out fire, with my mouth. I remember you asking me what my thoughts were right after.

I recalled worrying that you were going to leave me upstage to do a speech of some sort, so when you asked if I would be okay with lighting the baton on fire. My brain fired with for sure, as that is so much easier than the presentation of speaking in front of my group of peers. Plus, I just went through 3 practice runs with you pretending and fulling envisioning that we had them lite. Crazy, but last dry run, I saw the flame. My imagination had already seen the fire and had put it out. But, then I did.

The power given to be that day, that moment has been the beginning of my mind letting go of any instance that fear might creep in. If my body or mind was getting all caught up in one of those moments! All of a sudden I would hear this small voice in my head. The exact words were, “Stop it, you ate fire”. Then somehow my conscious mind calmed down my body, along with a couple deep breathes. I could move on and through what ever challenge I was facing!

From there, a big part of me knew that I just needed to connect with you again Marshall. So I google searched you, found you on Facebook and made sure to enter your trip give away to ‘Turning Point’. I just knew that all of this is an extension of all the new beginnings. Winning an all expense trip, what excitement. It was the next step in my journey. That is when I joined and became part of your inner circle and LEVEL 10 team.

So, August of 2019 I got to meet my fellow Level 10 team mates and spend a few intimate days with all of them and now call them family. Thanks to you Marshall and your beautiful wife Erica and three adorable children, Sterling, Maximus and Prosperity. Inviting us into your home, let me call it a palace because it is truly beautiful and large. It amazes me to this day that we are still all so close and keep in touch, and I want to thank you for that.

From that event, a lot of wonderful things just started to fall in place. I connected with Sid Clivinger and Tiffany Toombs. Their guidance and coaching helped my online marketing and MLM Valentus business. They continue to offer me a lot of free coaching being part of the Level 10 Inner Circle and family. Sid’s guidance more in the marketing area. Tiffany is my self awareness coach more so, my go to for confidence and motivation. She helps me unblock areas of resistance if any arise.

Then I was introduced to Mark Januszweski and his lovely wife the Fabulous Davene. They were offering a coaching program for the cost of just $1 and a scholarship. Anyone could participate in their Master Key Experience. Because Faye and Blair Arn spoke so highly of the, I decided and also felt that I needed to participate.

Sometimes, if you listen, the world is giving you advise and direction. I made a point of vibrating and connecting to the frequency of love or above so that I could communicate authentically and unconditionally. That is what the Master Key Experience was all about. Between the scientifically facts and their new daily habits they implemented into our ever day lives. I now have to thank them for the journey my life took here after.

Their course was 27 weeks. What an eye opener and I could not be more thankful for they way they offered the course up front for such a small contribution. Because they taught us how to connect to our DMP (definite major purpose) and uncover our PPN’s (personal pivotal needs). Plus the many other methods, like SMART goals that they utilized and taught. I am here now today, chatting with you yet again Marshal, sharing my inspirational and well lived journey to success.

My husband and I have been living in our dream retirement 3,000 foot square 2 story, A-frame log cabin water side to beautiful calm blue waters. Every morning we get to wake up to birds chirping and the sun shining into our second story master bedroom window. We appreciate each other and the opportunity of being able to share our experience and journey with others. Because we are remote and not as easily accessible at the lake house, I do a lot of my training for others via my e-books and webinars. Zooms for back up!

I finally found a nice balance in my life. Having my monthly income of 90,000 coming through from residual income. I keep my work hours controlled, down to 2 hours daily, even though I have enriched and helped over 10,000 people world wide. This now allows me to work from my home and keep more of my day for my family and friends. I think that is the true freedom that everyone is looking for.

My family and myself now get to enjoy the lake in our Boss Babe boat. We have plenty of free time now to enjoy the back yard pool with our children and their family. A lot of evenings we either enjoy an outdoor fire or a cruise around town in one of our collector cars we mentioned earlier. On occasion we just hop into the hot tub, cuddle in each others arms and pay attention to all the stars in the sky!

I thank my highest source power, or God for direction and guidance that is constantly coming into my life and feel enlightened and grateful that he has chosen me to help and be of service and bring knowledge, truth and love to others so that empowerment, passion and true life purpose are revealed.

Marshall just grinned and smiled with a tear in his eye because as Brenda shared her journey she had many tearful moments. They concluded their interview or chat with a big long hug with appreciation of each other. Being that parts of their journey over lapped and was inspirational both ways!


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