Is it my purpose or calling? Master Key Experience

Is it my purpose or calling? Master Key Experience.

What a great question I kept asking myself all the way through this journey called the Master Key Experience!

Well I guess I should start with what is exactly is purpose verses calling?

Well, as the dictionary states:


purpose definition

So, I guess it is my intention to complete this MKE experience.  The purpose I started was because I felt a calling or had some type of nudging intuition guiding me to do so.  I guess that is the part most would call the “listening to your inner guidance”.

Very selfishly I was wanting to complete such a program to be able to domineer the MLM networking industry more efficiently.   I was wanting to do personal development not knowing at the time how it would ultimately grow me to be a better person.

I am now realizing that going through a growth opportunity like that of the master key experience.  That one can only come to enlightenment of oneself if we are choosing and willing to be open to change and growth.

calling to purpose and greatness


Therefore, because this intuition (my inner voice), made it very clear that there is a greater purpose in following this calling.  I said “YES”, to participating in this 6 month life altering experience.  Not fully knowing upon starting the uncomfortable feelings that would rise to the surface when challenging times would arise.  That growth only happens outside of our comfort zone.

Besides it being one of the best things I have ever done.  It also challenged me to continually grow and expand my mindset and actions to being a my best version of me.

calling definition

I am finding more and more everyday that my purpose is to find the gifts that God so graciously gave each and every one of us.  Use them to help others by giving them away.  “Give more, get more”.  Law of Karma!

is God calling you on purpose

Purpose of the Calling:

My purpose now is to continually expand my mindset daily with new action steps and daily habits.  The Master Key Experience is changing and supporting me as often as I choose.  They are helping me through Master Mind Groups connecting like minded individually whom are also looking for their purpose and following their calling to be the best version of themselves also.

You find great friends with the same purpose and calling whom have nothing but love in their heart.  Like Roz, read what she has to say about ‘What Love is and What it Isn’t‘.

Trusting the call to your purpose

If any of this resonates with you,

I recommend gifting yourself the challenge of change!

Hop on board, discover your purpose by answering your calling! 

Take a look at what the Master Key Experience can offer you by CLICKING HERE.  Pre-register for the early bird registration to start on your own hero’s journey to self discovery!  The adventures you go on expand your mind, body and soul to whole new levels!

You are special

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Ready to start connecting your purpose to your calling?

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11 thoughts on “Is it my purpose or calling? Master Key Experience

  1. Your blogs are so all-encompassing, Brenda, they provide the perfect doorway into the MKE! I’m with Davene, providing the definitions is a nice touch! All that’s missing is a date – that’s just a blog rover thing. LOL 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this Brenda, like Shirley and Davene said this is really interesting. Sometimes I think we don’t even hear the message, because we are too busy or looking in the wrong place.

  3. Especially love that last photo! 😀 Like your discussion of calling. For me, it comes up quietly at first and then gets louder and louder! I really think most of us ignore intuition and calling. And we don’t even think we’re ignoring it. We think we know what it is… but what we REALLY want deep in our souls, we don’t accept because it seems too big or scary or we don’t know if we can do. At least that’s been the case for me. And going through the Master Key Experience helps me get at what my true, deeply buried calling and ideal is. Great discussion, nice work!

    • I totally agree 💯🤗 the #MasterKeyExperience was and still is one of the biggested positive influences keeping me on track with my intuition and personal growth 🙏💯✅😍

  4. What an interesting question to ask, Brenda. Purpose or call? Either or both? I love how you reminded us to listen to that inner voice–our intuition–that talks to us all the time helping us be alert to opportunities whether to help us answer a call and/or fulfill a purpose!

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