Colorful Way to Learn! Week 4 – #MKE

Colorful way to learn.  I am so glad that we learning this playful, childish but effective way to start linking habits.  Connecting and linking yet another way to train and develop new ways of learning for subby.  Wow, at first I thought they must be kidding!  Right?  Nope, we are pulling out index cards today along with crayons.

Index cards and crayons header

So, what exactly are we going to be making colorful was my first thought?  What would the index card have to do with anything but a coloring book.  Well, I don’t remember if I told you that we are using index cards at this point to put on small mini chores or services.  We read them daily, sometimes more to remind us of our new daily habits. The reading of the cards is one habit, then performing the service listed yet another good habit.

Colorful linking:

What we are doing is creating more neuro pathways that help train our brain.  The more information that points to the outcome we are wanting in our DMP the better.  What are they asking us to do is now add a shape, a color and start placing them beside a chore. Each line has a shape and each shape has a color placed in it.  What a colorful chore card I now have, so bright and delightful.  Reminds me of youthful days, having fun, playing!


I love the colors, I love the shapes!  It ignites another part of my passion, my soul.  Recognition for creative expression is totally inspiring me at this moment.  So much so that I started creating most of the images used in my blogging.  Colorful pieces of art they are for me.  Reminding me of my younger years is a good thing.

Feelings and many thoughts are connecting to this.  I guess that is part of the linking to subby also!  Hum, I wonder?  Now that I am writing it down, makes me think that is a good thing!  I am having so much fun now that I have broken through another layer of cement.  What cement exactly am I talking about?  The voice in my head of course!  The one that says this is all silly.  How can this even work!

One more layer gone:

Well, I am on round two of the Master Key Experience and I could not be happier with my progression. First time around, I found myself resisting some of these odd but colorful and effective habits.  One habit built on top of another so that automation kicks into subby.  Old habits are easier to remove if you start replacing them with better ones.  One good habit in means one bad habit out.  So now it’s just a science, a numbers game.

Next week, I am going to get into some of the science stuff for all of you whom doubt that our brain works this way!  I have to tell you, this is the part that made me a believer.  I am always impressed by colorful pictures, but science is factual.



Brenda Brown

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  1. Love it, Brenda! It’s almost like everything we needed to learn in school we could have in Kindergarten. LOL 🙂

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