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Welcome to the Lifestyle and online ventures of Brenda Brown Ceo.  I will share some of my online adventures to help you to create a more balanced way of living where you have the freedom to choose.  To have time or financial freedom, or whatever might be important for you in your life.  I am Brenda Brown, a woman of many talents!!

To my husband, a wife and best friend, together we created and have three wonderful sons.  I am a salon owner, laser technician, hairstylist, make-up artist, wellness and lifestyle coach and lastly an entrepreneur offering a diversity of options to create financial freedom.

Dreaming I was capable of this lifestyle used to be only in my imagination until I could truly feel it in every part of me!  Removed my blocks, removed my limiting beliefs and faced my fears.  Then took “ACTION”

I have set up this website so that I can help more people. I’m sick and tired of seeing what is happening around me and I want to help people make a change to their lives.

Since you are here I have great news to share with you!  After spending way too much time in the financial doldrums, my life recently took an amazing turn for the better.

What happened?

I found fantastic new business opportunities.  They have literally set me on the right path and I would love to share some of them with you!

What has changed for me and how I can possibly help you?  I now have the lifestyle many only dreams of and my own Internet businesses,  where I…

  • Don’t have to answer to anyone else.
  • Get to set my own hours.
  • Work from home so there’s no commute.
  • Completely control how much money I make-no more drudgery for low wages!
Let’s Start Dreaming your Perfect Life Together!

Do this along with me, remember I said you have to connect to that feeling deep inside of you? So take a minute right now, imagine having some of this time freedom for yourself.

What would that do for your lifestyle?  Would you now have time to travel, be home with children, or just be able to hang out and pursue one of the many hobbies you have wanted to get around to all these years??

Close your eyes after you have read through the questions. Search your inner self for the answers to some of the statements I listed above.

Imagine true financial freedom where your choices now reflect what it is you want to do in life, not what you can afford!!

Go ahead, right now, STOP,  ‘Imagine yourself on a beach somewhere, or your favorite happy place’.

How did that feeling touch your soul, let me help you get to your goals, come join me and together we can create an everyday lifestyle that radiates wellness and freedom to make lifestyle choices we so choose or desire!!

I can’t help but want to share these opportunities with the people I care about.  An ever-growing income, control of my own destiny, the freedom to arrange my schedule to suit me-does this sound like a great life to you?  The lifestyle of the rich and famous I call it!

If it does, please visit to learn more  this is one of my business opportunities.  My Page, the online ventures of Brenda Brown Ceo, has all the info you need to decide if  a money-making entrepreneur is for you, too.
As for me?  I’m loving it more every day!

Please call or write me if I can be of any help at all!


I pre-enrolled  to attend 5 weeks of the Master Key Experience for the $1 Scholarship, that a friend shared with me.   That is what I am offering to you today.  This program is helping me connect to the power with in.   I have been through many programs through the years, but this was the ONE that offered hands on guides and support to change my daily habits and beliefs to create success!   If you are reading this, I am excited as the universe has brought you here today.  I truly believe this is your best chance for true lifestyle of financial freedom and success.  I know it has set my life on fire.

Check out the business opportunity or get on the waiting list for the September, 2021 $1 Scholarship program and/or get the FREE E-book to start with your Mind Set where all your beliefs are created!

Don’t delay, check out one of my business opportunities today!

Brenda Brown Ceo
Thank You
Brenda Brown

Are you ready to start your journey? to creating your best life? 

Let me offer you the opportunity to be put on the EARLY BIRD Enrollment

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Starts again in late September, 2021.  This is how I got started!

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