True Blue Personality! Week 8 – #MKE

True blue personality!  If you only knew what that exactly means?  Learning so much about myself through this Master Key Experience.  I actually think I am now addicted to learning more and more about me. Gaining insight about others and how this color code is valuable information.  Helping reveal the best ways to approach and communicate with others.  Above all, how I am best receiving advice or constructive guidance for instance!

True Blue Personality

Thank goodness as I am taking this class my guide that is working with me last year knew my main color was true blue!!  She always knew the right things to say.  Therefore, the right way to interject suggestions!  In addition, my guide even knew that I always am needing reassurance and positive feedback.

In Conclusion, as a true blue personality.  My core motive is intimacy and developing legitimate connections!  I am like the photo, always reaching out, helping others.

It is my nature, true blue, how God perfectly designed me!  Therefore, when put in a position of conflict I find myself pulling back and withdrawing.  Getting very uncomfortable,  I try to be respectful.  Somehow, I find myself  nurturing any conversation or situation to a caring and compassionate view point.

I love having great intuition and trust it always!  Connecting easily and energetically to source energy, or God!  To enlighten and guide my life in all ways!

Motivating a True Blue Personality?

blue core motives

#1 – Situation: Disciplinary Action:

Disciplinary Action

#2 – Situation: Conflict Resolution:

conflict resolution

#3 – Situation: Performance Review:

Performance Review

What words best describe Blue?

Blue Personality Strengths and Limitations

Ultimately, l did mention that because of these unrealistic expectations.  True Blue Personality are magnificent individuals with big hearts.  Therefore, we are usually taking on too large or a load.  We are continually adding to the pile.  Wanting to do more for others that for ourselves most times!  In conclusion, the overload brings us yet back to procrastination.

Procrastination of wanting nothing less than Perfection! 

procrastination cycle of a blue


Brenda Brown

Brenda Brown is an entrepreneur and owner of a couple of businesses. She is helping others Achieve Their Goals and Follow their dreams. Let me help you get to your goals, come join me and together we can create an everyday lifestyle that radiates wellness and freedom to make lifestyle choices we so choose or desire!! Imagine true financial freedom where your choices now reflect what it is you want to do in life, not what you can afford!! Small things don't mean a lot, they mean everything!!

3 thoughts on “True Blue Personality! Week 8 – #MKE

  1. Aloha, Brenda! Please don’t think you blues have perfection paralysis all to yourselves. I’m a red/yellow and I can tell you for a fact it’s had me in its grips on more than one occasion! 🙂

  2. Brenda, good for you for knowing so much about your being a blue. From your blog rover friend John who is also a blue.

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