Blue Connections to Intimacy! Week 9 – #MKE

Blue connections to Intimacy!  Yes, you heard right.  Core motive for a blue type personality is to develop legitimate connections.  Our strengths are being of service and listening.  Weaknesses would be indecision and over sensitive.  Goals are wanting acceptance and stability.  Biggest fear is sudden change.  Motivation is of course intimacy and being of service, so let us help!  Our irritation is triggered by insensitivity.  Therefore, when we share or speak, ‘LISTEN’.  Listen completely with undivided attention!

blue type personalities are to develop connections to intimacy



Adapted from a presentation given by
Dr. Taylor Hartman

Blue Personality Traits:


You are a Blue. You are often the most admired of all the colors. Called the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts of Color Code because you are thrifty, brave, reverent, clean, and all those things that go with being a good person. You represent so many of the virtues we all aspire to, such as honesty, empathy, and self-sacrifice.

Blues seem to come by their virtues naturally. This creates an image of righteousness and respect that you carry. You resemble a lighted beacon of goodness and truth. It’s like the Statue of Liberty—what it stands for—an invitation for all to come and partake of goodness.

With their combined assets, Blues are a very strong part of every society. You are deeply committed, fiercely loyal to people, and especially well-behaved. Blues are highly opinionated and a tough competitor for any personality that chooses to face you, because you generally base all of  opinions on emotion and moral principal.

Blues love with passion.

For you, the finer things in life are intimate relationships and creative accomplishments rather than material possessions. Blue connections are thoughtful. You are always thinking of others’ comfort. Blue’s don’t forget birthdays or anniversaries. You often have that perfect gift for special occasions, often purchased months in advance and wrapped up in a pretty bow.

Blues are very aware. You notice detail and quality. Blues are the kind that go on diets and stay on them, or if they don’t stay on them they’re angry at themselves. You are like a sainted pit bull. When you want something, you’re going to get it. You don’t let go until you’ve succeeded.


Blue connections are very compassionate. You care about the people in your life—everybody you’re connected to. Blues are very sincere. When you tell someone you will be somewhere, you will be there. When you’re committed, you will stick to it. The same is true of work. If you get into a job because you need security, you will often stay there far longer than is perhaps good for you.


For a Blue, life is an emotionally double edged sword. On the positive side, you are giving and sensitive, but on the negative side, you can be so unforgiving and overly sensitive. If you are crossed you are slow to forgive. In fact, you can be so overly sensitive that you might stop giving, period. “You don’t appreciate my gifts? Then I won’t be involved at all.”

Some Blues allow their emotions to rule their lives. You want badly to be loved. You seek understanding from others while refusing to understand and accept yourself. Your emotions can be a powerful roller coaster ride. Because Blues have such high (and often unrealistic) expectations, you tend to suffer from low self-esteem.

Overwhelming guilt and worry can drive you inward, seeking solace from the only one your believe truly understands you. Yourself. Blues are very demanding. The truth is, however, that Blues don’t think they’re demanding. You feel that if your loved ones really cared about you, they would rise to the occasion.

Struggles of being blue

Needs and Wants:

Blues need to be good. You have such moral integrity, that lying is out of the question and you struggle in any relationship where deception is present. Blues need to be understood. One of the biggest problems others have in relating to you, is not realizing the depth at which you need to be understood.

A blue needs connections to be appreciated. Nobody works as hard for others as you do. You love to help and nurture, but you want those you help to know and appreciate how much time you put into helping. Blues’ need for acceptance is one area in which you are most vulnerable. In an effort to gain acceptance, you may allow people to take advantage of you.

Blues want to reveal their insecurities

Unlike most people, you like to talk about your flaws. You tend to talk about what went wrong and where you didn’t do something well. Blues want to please others. You will go out of your way to make others’ lives more pleasant. You just want to make sure they know that you went out of your way.

Blues want autonomy, and yet they are driven by the motive of intimacy. Therefore, you need to connect and bond, but you also like your own space.

You prefer to work on your own schedule. You are not the best team players, because you tend to think, “I could have done this all in shorter time, and it would have been better quality, but you got in my way.”


If you appear cool or aloof, it is probably because you feel too overwhelmed—too caught up in other issues that are going on in your life. Blues want security. You live in the same house forever. Many Blues live in the same house as adults that they grew up in as children because it’s secure.

Blues love routine. You go the same way to work everyday, you have the same food everyday, you meet the same people everyday. If your security is taken away, you will feel threatened, and nothing is more trouble than an angry Blue.

Secondary Color Connections to Blue:

Remember that you can have only one Driving Core Motive. However, it is possible to have a Secondary Color that also influences you. A Secondary Color means that you might have “another side” to you that is a little different than what someone would expect from you if considering only your Core Motive.

If you do have a Secondary Color, there will be times and situations where its impact in your life is a positive  one—in other words, it enhances what you do. There are other times when the influence of your Secondary Color will be a destructive one. Also, for good or for bad, that secondary influence will be stronger for some than it is for others.

It is important to note, however, that no matter how strong the influence of the Secondary Color, it is still not nearly as significant as the Core Color itself.

Blue Connections:

Blue with Red

Of all the color combinations, a Blue with a Red secondary is the most difficult. This combination has a very strong internal struggle. When a Blue with a Red secondary operates with negative Red limitations, you send mixed messages and get limited results.

A Blue with Red may care deeply, but may be bossy, demeaning, or calculating and this doesn’t feel safe or inviting. You have very mixed emotions. You will stand up one minute and direct traffic, and then you’ll be crying the next minute as if life is out of control and you don’t know what to do. This sends mixed signals. Be aware of that and work on getting rid of your Red limitations.

Blue with White ( This is my secondary color to blue)

A Blue connection with a White secondary color is a kinder, more gentle Blue. You’re the kind of person that flows easier through life. Others like to be around you because you don’t bother them, but you are always there for them. You care about others but you’re not obtrusive.

A Blue/White is less decisive than a Blue, and you tend to seek stronger personalities. For example, as a Blue with White, you might seek relationships with Reds because you like them to make decisions for you. You’re also a more relaxed Blue.

Blues tend to be rather intense and driven, but with a White secondary, you might be a little more comfortable with yourself. You stroll through life easier and are not quite as demanding of other people around you. You’re also more willing to forgive.

Blue with Yellow

Blue connection with a Yellow secondary runs on heart and emotion. You’re passionate. This combination is very dependable, and responsible, but more playful, lighthearted and carefree than a heavy Blue.

On the other hand, you send a lot of mixed messages. Others are not quite sure when you’re sincere, when you’re serious, or when you’re just cutting up. This combination is also the most charismatic blend of the Blues, because you bring in the Yellow dimension of charm.

You enjoy a vast range of emotions and you often have a nice happy blend because of the Yellow mix. You can go with the flow more easily.

I have provided a link to a FREE Version of the Color Code Assessment Below:
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  1. It appears obvious you could be teaching a course on the color code, Brenda, so you probably already know that countries are also associated with the colors. What color do you think the United States is? You got it: blue. What color do you think Brazil and Mexico are? If you think yellow, you are correct. Come on down, we’re having a party! 🙂

  2. Brenda, thank you for sharing how blues connect with reds, whites, and yellows. So important to know so we can connect better with others. From your blog rover friend John.

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