Persistence! Week 11 – Master Key

Success through persistence
Persistence is not a genetic pre-disposition or characteristic. It’s a habit formed by continuing in a course of action, spite of difficulty or opposition. That is the focus of Scroll 3 in the Greatest Salesman this week. It is also ... Read more »

One Brain, two sides! Week 9 -Master Key

Which one are you? Left brain or right brain?
One brain, two sides! Right and left? How do I communicate and activate both so that I learn best! We all need to become better operators of our magnificent mechanism or brain. Why is it we take plenty of time ... Read more »

Law of Karma! Week 8 – Master Key

Law of Karma header
‘Law of Karma’, we all have heard people make a comment, “that’s Karma”. But, what is a better way to understand it’s meaning or purpose? Firstly, the name according to the basic Sanskrit definition of karma, it simply means “action”. ... Read more »

Forgiveness! Week 7 – Master Key

Forgiveness! What is your story?
Forgiveness for myself and all others! This topic brought up a lot of emotional situations for me. I believe that reading the ‘Gal in the Glass’ out loud was a big part of this. Why? Because, reading it in the ... Read more »

No opinions! Week 5 – Master Key

No opinions! You got to be kidding me, is there such a thing? I started paying attention, and guess what? OMG, opinions going on everywhere! Especially in the hair salon, my day J.O.B. Needing to be especially mindful. Thinking and ... Read more »

Thoughts and Laws! Week 4 – Master Key

Thoughts and Laws this week. First of all, the law of dual thought? Hum, puzzled when Mark first mentioned this idea, I could not comprehend. What do laws and thoughts have to do with one another? or is he talking ... Read more »

Feelings needed in DMP! Week 2 – Master Key

Feelings needed in DMP, a very common notation recommended by my MKE guide. So my revision needed to be submitted with this being the most common suggestion. A little surprised, but not totally! I reminded myself that I did truly ... Read more »

Blogging is a part of the learning!

Brenda Brown Ceo Blog for Master Key Experience
My Blog and journey starts: Blogging is a part of the learning, yikes! that was my first thought. But here I am today, putting myself out there. So be patient with me in sharing my journey, my story and my ... Read more »