Becoming a NARC – Week 13 – Master Key

Becoming a NARC, hum, never thought that was going to be part of one of the ventures I would of participated in. But, here we are learning how to become experts in the field. Narcissist? Can you pick up my Narc-ism?

Am I becoming a Narc or Narcissist?

Well when I looked that up, this was the first things that came up, so I looked up the next version. Was this explanation any better?

Slang version of Narc:

Nope, I don’t think so!! Okay, let us try this one more time. Maybe a definition that was talking about people or a person instead!

Definition of personal Narc:

Stalking Narc - will they ever leave you alone!

Apparently, there must be some version of this abbreviation that I am yet to be enlightened with. I guess, this is where I need to utilize patience and just wait till we get to that part of the class. I heard the words NARC, in the review of the class and immediately was……uhm, wonder what they have us doing now? Confused and a bit concerned that this had something to do with the holidays coming up!!

Patiently and enthusiastically I might say, I could not wait till this part of the class came up! Yippy, here it comes!! And,……. here it is folks! NARC, stands for Neurological Associate Reactive Conditioning. Cool hey, much better than the references that good ole Google came up with that I shared up above. Apparently, it comes from way back, the Greek days!

The one thing:

What is the one thing that is holding you back? Do you have an answer for that question! Well what ever that is, that is truly the one thing that is keeping you from getting all that you want in your life. We need to knock down that door, because on the other side is the 6 figure income that you are looking for. That is where we are going to apply the Narc concept.

Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself only when you beat down the door, be the NARC

So any challenged area you have at driving income or manifesting your DMP. That is where we are going to apply the Narc system. This will help us eliminate any resistance in the area of traction, or the one thing we need to move forward in or on. We are the only creature on earth that can attach pleasure to having or to not having something.

So the two feelings of where pleasure feels good, and pain feels bad. Plants and animals do not have a choice. But, as humans we can decide or choose what feelings get applied to every situation. So the law of dual thought, will give us the ability to leverage the thoughts that we have and how we associate it.

Lets make the call:

So the two dominate pillars that are built into us are these two feelings of either pain or pleasure. We tend to re-coil from painful situations or the things we do not like to do (making phone calls for instance). We do not like to be in a situation that is fearful therefore we associate it to being painful.

There are two things in life that motivate you, the fear of pain and the desire for pleasure, be a Narc

Then what happens, we tend to pull away from the one thing like making the calls for fear of rejection. But, by changing the association (NARC), each call now becomes the 6 figure presentation. All we did was decide or choose, and then created a better attachment to a positive or pleasurable feeling. Voila, the fear is replaced with awesomeness! Love it!

Wow, now working the traction point, or making calls becomes and results in revenue and positive outcomes. We take away the fear, the sense of rejection and we have unlocked and knocked down the door of fear. It will start working as soon as you apply this principle and technique. Narc will take off the weight any situation if applied correctly.

So how do we do this?

For example, it’s time to make calls! Pull out the garbage can and place it between your two feet. Start to read out your DMP with enthusiasm and review your movie poster and all the positive feelings it creates. Then, drop them into the trash and let yourself feel the defeat of losing your DMP and your future life.

you are the loser, the scum, the narc of your reality

Now feel and engage in the feelings of being a loser, giving up on your dreams. How you are the scum of the earth, feel the painfulness of this to the depths of your core. The loss, the defeat, how you almost had it all, feel it, really FEEL it!

Let it all bring your to tears! Then you know that you are in the right place.

You now have a choice, the only way you can pick up your DMP and movie poster out of the trash is to make the call. Therefore, you are making an associate to all of the pain, loss and everything that to what losers do. This puts you in a position that you quit on life. Now the association of letting go of your DMP became painful, and picking up the phone became the pleasure!

Pleasure part of Narc:

Thank goodness there is a positive association that we can now make to picking up our DMP and movie poster. What is that one moment that brings you such joy, elation and pleasure that you can connect to instantaneously! Is it a smell, an occasion or a favorite place! We are now imagining that feeling to make vivid our new connection to the pleasure of making the calls!

Skillfully we have maneuvered ourselves by using our imagination to create a new link to our traction point in our DMP. We have leveraged the Law of Dual Thought and Practice.

excited part of Narc

Combined with enthusiasm, we have utilized Narc to make all of our opportunities come to fruition. We are now allowing ourselves and behaviors into excellence.

You just became the Narc of your own life!

You are either become a fearful victim or a fearless victor!

Now let us all go an apply this awesome technique to what ever area of lives that we are wanting change!!

We all have a choice!! Go and become the best NARC ever!

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