Affirmations! Week 12 – Master Key

affirmation header
Affirmations to create change! Simple or complicated? Well if you would of asked me about them two months ago, my answer would of been, time consuming! Working through the Master Key Experience, amazingly, they have found simple and effective ways ... Read more »

Persistence! Week 11 – Master Key

Success through persistence
Persistence is not a genetic pre-disposition or characteristic. It’s a habit formed by continuing in a course of action, spite of difficulty or opposition. That is the focus of Scroll 3 in the Greatest Salesman this week. It is also ... Read more »

One Brain, two sides! Week 9 -Master Key

Which one are you? Left brain or right brain?
One brain, two sides! Right and left? How do I communicate and activate both so that I learn best! We all need to become better operators of our magnificent mechanism or brain. Why is it we take plenty of time ... Read more »

Law of Karma! Week 8 – Master Key

Law of Karma header
‘Law of Karma’, we all have heard people make a comment, “that’s Karma”. But, what is a better way to understand it’s meaning or purpose? Firstly, the name according to the basic Sanskrit definition of karma, it simply means “action”. ... Read more »

Forgiveness! Week 7 – Master Key

Forgiveness! What is your story?
Forgiveness for myself and all others! This topic brought up a lot of emotional situations for me. I believe that reading the ‘Gal in the Glass’ out loud was a big part of this. Why? Because, reading it in the ... Read more »

No opinions! Week 5 – Master Key

No opinions! You got to be kidding me, is there such a thing? I started paying attention, and guess what? OMG, opinions going on everywhere! Especially in the hair salon, my day J.O.B. Needing to be especially mindful. Thinking and ... Read more »

Thoughts and Laws! Week 4 – Master Key

Thoughts and Laws this week. First of all, the law of dual thought? Hum, puzzled when Mark first mentioned this idea, I could not comprehend. What do laws and thoughts have to do with one another? or is he talking ... Read more »

Feelings needed in DMP! Week 2 – Master Key

Feelings needed in DMP, a very common notation recommended by my MKE guide. So my revision needed to be submitted with this being the most common suggestion. A little surprised, but not totally! I reminded myself that I did truly ... Read more »

Blogging is a part of the learning!

Brenda Brown Ceo Blog for Master Key Experience
My Blog and journey starts: Blogging is a part of the learning, yikes! that was my first thought. But here I am today, putting myself out there. So be patient with me in sharing my journey, my story and my ... Read more »

Focus More on Health and Nutrition

Focus More on Health not Weight Loss
Instead of thinking about being on a diet during the holidays.  Just focus more on being healthier. Think about the nutrition of what you eat, and that mentality can make losing weight during this time a lot easier. Why You ... Read more »

Tips and Tricks For Not Overeating at Christmas

When Christmas is approaching, you might be concerned about overeating and gaining weight. If you are trying to maintain your weight or lose weight during this time of year, these tips can be very helpful. Eat Something Beforehand A common ... Read more »