Kinesiology – What is it and how does it work?

Kinesiology is the science of muscle movement. It is a widely acknowledged practice and includes a vast collection of different practices, some mainstream and some rather controversial. The main fields include Applied Kinesiology, Specialized Kinesiology and Educational Kinesiology. Kinesiology is often integrated into other forms of medical practice.

When a practitioner uses applied kinesiology, he or she searches for muscle weakness in various parts of the body. The weakness can indicate a variety of underlying conditions. These conditions can not only cause the muscle weakness, but can be instrumental in a host of illnesses.

A triad of health is used which includes chemical, mental and structural health. These three categories must each be healthy and balanced for the body to function well and be whole. An imbalance in any of these can cause or be caused by an imbalance in another category.

Kinesiology uses concepts similar to those of ancient Chinese medicine. It is believed that there are channels, or meridians, that carry energy. These pathways connect different parts of the body to other parts. Through the muscle testing, the channels that are blocked or slowed in their flow are made evident.

When a muscle shows as weak, manipulation of the corresponding pressure point will usually produce strength in the muscle again immediately. This strength does not diminish quickly, but will remain for a significant length of time if not indefinitely.

Another focus is on muscle pain. Often when muscles hurt, the problem isn’t the muscle itself but the opposing muscle. When a muscle isn’t able to do its part, the other muscles must work harder which produces pain and other problems. By targeting the opposing muscle, rather than the muscle that hurts, therapists can strengthen the weak spots and relieve the physical symptoms.

One method of Kinesiology uses the power of words on the health of the body. Through the use of muscle testing, a practitioner explores a variety of questions with a patient while testing his or her muscle strength. By stating things that are true or not true, the body will react with strength or weakness, depending upon the trueness of the statement. This occurs because the brain is resetting and organizing itself in response to a false statement, however, a true statement requires no reorganization.

Kinesiology is a widely practiced alternative therapy that is frequently integrated into other alternative and mainstream therapies. From chiropractic care to acupuncture, properly done kinesiology can give clues to a practitioner about areas of the patient’s body that needs extra attention.

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