The Valentus Mindset Challenge

The mindset challenge that Valentus has taught me!

Let me say this, before you read any further I’m not sharing hocus pocus with you.

Your mind is a very powerful force when it comes to your future. WE as human love to live in misery because it is easier. Now if you can just get out of that frame of mind you will see the world in a different light.

The Mind

Think of this.

There are three people stood around a pencil, they are all looking at the pencil and can confirm it’s the same pencil

BUT when they talk about it they all have a different perspective of the pencil because of their view of the pencil.

No one wants to see you succeed.

So your battle with your mind doesn’t start with them.

It starts with YOU.

YOU are the one who needs to be stronger, go that extra mile in what you want out of life the one who will enjoy the fruits of your hard work now later on in life.

So when you look at it, your mindset is either your greatest strength… or your biggest weakness. It determines how you view life, your attitude towards what happens, and how you will react.

Those who have a positive, growth mindset are much more likely to succeed at what they set out to accomplish.

The mindset we have can hold us back or take us to our highest level. It all depends on how we think, what we think, and the actions we take thereafter.

What are some ways you can ensure your mindset is geared for success?

What are some characteristics that sets one person apart from another?

No Limitations

  • A person with a growth mindset doesn’t allow themselves to have limitations.
  • They believe they deserve to succeed in life and will do what it takes to get there.
  • They don’t go moping around, claiming to the a victim of the economy believing that they are stuck where they are at.
  • They prepare, they plan, and they take action.
  • They don’t believe the naysayers and follow through with what they start.
  • These people see their potential and don’t limit themselves based on the fear that they are not good enough or smart enough.
  • They make things happen.

Facing Fear

  • Just because someone has a mindset that is geared for success doesn’t mean they never feel fear. It just means they face it head on.
  • They don’t let the “what if’s” stand in their way and they use obstacles as stepping-stones on their journey.
  • Fear is the biggest thing that holds people back from their best potential.
  • Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of being laughed at, or fear of success itself there are an endless amount of reasons they can use to stay where they are at in life.
  • It’s the ones who don’t let that mounting fear stop them that become the most successful, best versions of themselves.
  • They make it a goal to step out of their comfort zone and do things that most people do not.

Focused Purpose

  • Those that understand why they do what they do and have an idea of where they are going in life have the strongest mindset.
  • Having a focused purpose in life makes it so much simpler to overcome obstacles because you know what you are ultimately working for.
  • This is the starting point to success. You must figure out what you want to work towards.
  • This can only be done through a growth mindset and someone who thinks outside the box.
  • Finding your purpose in life will not only allow you to focus on what’s important but it will be much easier to follow through and truly go for what you want.

Your mindset can be your greatest tool for a successful life.

  • It will hold you down for a lifetime if you let it.
  • Having a growth mindset allows the world to be at your fingertips because you don’t close your mind to anything.
  • Everyday there is a new possibility for success for someone with this type of mindset.
  • Don’t hold yourself back with senseless limitations and fear just because you don’t know what the future holds.
  • Taking that first step outside your comfort zone could be the breath of fresh air you need in your life.

Grow forward on your journey, invest in yourself and allow your mindset to grow!

Let me share Valentus with you
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