‘Survival of the fittest’ – Herbert Spencer, 1864

The Fittest Survive

Losing weight permanently seems a distant dream, too good to be true. But a combination of a sensible diet and daily moderate exercise can help you fulfill this dream. As a weight loss strategy, exercise or fitness for weight loss is not as potent, but when combined with dieting, it can prove lethal for obesity.

Exercise or fitness for weight loss combined with dieting, leads to more weight loss than any other weight loss program. This does not imply that exercise or fitness for weight loss, alone, is worthless. Physical fitness for weight loss is certainly good for you, and is more effective in reshaping your body than it is for shedding flab. Exercise or fitness for weight loss helps build muscles, and muscles burn more calories for fuel.

Those involved in manual labor are rarely obese. In most cases, obesity is the result of a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of adequate physical activity, primarily contributes to causing obesity. While it is true, that fitness for weight loss stimulates the digestive system and makes the individual hungrier, one can easily satiate this increased hunger by consuming large quantities of low-calorie diet.

Types of Exercise

The most popular fitness for weight loss exercises includes walking, dancing, cycling and swimming. Universally, walking is one of the best workouts. Research emphasizes the therapeutic value of walking, and establishes that one can burn away a surprising number of unwanted fat calories this way. Remember, anywhere is walking distance, if you’ve got the time.

Dancing not only helps you socialize, but also burns 400 calories per hour. Cycling is another way to lose that excess fat, by burning 700 calories in an hour. Swimming is often suggested as a fitness for weight loss exercise, to tone every muscle of the body in a harmonious way. Other exercises include aerobics and ancient yoga techniques, which develop both the body and mind.


Fitness for weight loss yields a positive psychological gain, increases overall body fitness, tones the muscles and inspires self-confidence. Positive mental health is an essential part of the concept of total health. Improvement in psychological health eventually, helps in sustaining the correct weight. However, exercise alone is not a permanent solution to obesity.

Brenda Brown

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