Reflexology – What is it and how does it work?

Everyone loves a good foot rub, it helps to relax the body and the mind. Reflexology does this and so much more. Through targeted points in the feet, hands and ears, a reflexology massage stimulates circulation in specific areas of the body, relaxes specific muscles, and brings healing and pain relief.

Reflexology is based upon the idea that the feet are directly linked to other parts of the body through one of the ten energy zones. Each of these energy zones, and more specifically each of the body parts, muscles and organs, has a connected spot on the foot. When these spots are massaged, the corresponding part of the body receives the direct benefit as well.

A trained reflexologist knows the proper way to massage the feet to bring about relaxation and healing to the whole body. He or she can even pinpoint areas of pain or illness within your body through the initial foot massage technique and then target those areas of the foot to further contribute to overall wellness.

The basics of reflexology are simple. Each foot and hand corresponds to the same side of the body. So if your back is hurting on the right side, there is a place in your right foot that corresponds to this location.

On the foot, the toe region is directly connected to the neck, sinuses, head and brain. Beneath the toe region are the corresponding points for all of the internal organs. The spine is represented by the inner edge of the feet and the lower extremities are clustered around the heel.

There is nothing magical about reflexology. In scientific terms, it is theorized that the pressure from the point specific massage simply sends signals along the nerve pathways which release chemicals or relax parts of the nervous system. Each of these processes will result in relaxation and stress reduction, which in turn contributes to an overall sense of well-being, improves the body’s functions, and promotes healing.

It is possible to perform a version of reflexology at home. Using a hard rolling ball or a box of marbles, simply roll your foot around on them, exerting pressure on areas that are tender and making sure the entire foot is massaged at some point. Alternatively, you can massage one hand with the other whenever it is convenient, such as while waiting in traffic, standing in line or listening to a lecture.

Reflexology uses pressure points of the foot, hand or outer ears to relieve stress and tension in various parts of the body. It aides in relaxation, stimulation of bodily functions and helps to heal a variety of injuries.

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  1. There are several theories about how this process work. According to the theory, the reflexologist’s application of pressure to feet, hands, or ears sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves in these extremities to the central nervous system.

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