Guide to Choosing the Right Weight Loss Plan

Choosing your weight loss plan is a really big decision to make when trying to lose a few pounds during the holiday season. You want it to not only be something you can stick to, but not deny you too many things for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are some tips for choosing the right weight loss plan for you.

Don’t Choose Something That is Too Limiting

You know your own limitations enough to know when a certain diet or lifestyle has too many restrictions for you. Low-carb diets work great for people, specially those who prefer meat over starchy vegetables anyway. However, if your favorite dish for Christmas dinner is mashed potatoes, this is probably not the diet for you. On the other hand, others are more willing to follow something that helps them to eat less sugar so that the addictions aren’t as bad down the line, such as with whole eating or the Paleo diet. This is why you should consider your own limitations and favorite foods when deciding the weight loss plan.

Consider How Much Time You Have to Plan

Don’t choose a weight loss plan that is too complicated if you are close to starting it. If you have waited until a couple days before you start the new diet before the holidays, then doing something with long lists of foods you can and can’t eat may not be your best option. In this case, it is better to go with something simple, such as a low calorie weight loss plan where you just log in your food to an app on your phone and can track what you eat and how many calories you burn.

Think About How Much Cooking is Involved

If you enjoy cooking and want to use the weight loss plan as a way to encourage you to cook more healthy meals at home, then you have more options, from clean eating to switching to a whole foods lifestyle like Whole30. However, if you want to do the least amount of cooking possible, go with a more basic weight loss plan, such as Weight Watchers or a similar diet plan. There is a lot more flexibility with this type of plan, offering options for eating out or cooking at home.

At the end of the day, it is all about what works best for you. The weight loss plan your friend is on will not always be the one for you.

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